Ecuatran today

Ecuatran today

Since 2004 Ecuatran has been exporting his products to different international markets. Our products are delivered to specialized distributors of electrical parts and to the oil industry.

Peru (Operandina Distributor)) was the first customer where Ecuatran exported his transformers. Then we exported to Panama (Ring Ring) and to Venezuela ( Baring Andina and Baker Hughes). Other countries where Ecuatran exports are Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Ecuatran has the commitment to improve day by day to offer his customers a quality products and service. In 2014 implement the Lean Manufacturing process. This process is a focused management model on the generation of continuous flow.

We seek to deliver high quality at the lowest price and with a short delivery times. This process ensures quality, minimizes wasted and is always in continuous improvement. This guarantees the customers less time of delivery in the units and competitive prices.

Ecuatran transformers are world-class, reliable, efficient, competitive and have generated long-term relationships.

At Ecuatran our growth has been permanent and this is demonstrated by our products, as well as our financial statements.


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